Sweet Cheats

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Welcome to Sweet Cheats®! Atlanta’s Single Serving Dessert Company.

We have an array of delectable desserts!  Cupcakes, CrufflesTM (cake pops), Cheesecakes, Brownies, French Macarons, Cookies and Coffee!

We are always adding new and exciting items for every palate.

  Our flavors are inspired by many family favorite treats such as cookies, creams, puddings, candies, spices and more.

The combinations of flavors and surprises in each treat create a party in your mouth that you are thrilled to be invited to!
All of your senses take over and you simply savor each and every bite.

You deserve a little "cheat" once in a while after a grueling training session, a long day at work or a rewarding day at the office. You have worked hard and deserve a treat.

Many of our clients say...."if you are going to cheat, it better be worth it!" So cheat with Sweet Cheats!

Think of us when you are ready to treat yourself with a little "cheat!"


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